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Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India

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It’s our great pleasure to saying that our valuable partner hospitals for medical and health tourism are the most prestigious and advanced cutting edge technology hospitals in the Indian healthcare industry. India has a large number of private hospitals giving patients an unmatched medical quality and care.

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Neurologiest / CEO

He is a member of many associations and regularly delivers neurology lectures. He participates in various national and international neurology meetings and published many papers.

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Working long hours increases depression risk in women

Women who clock 55 working hours or more every week might have a higher risk of depression. Also, working weekends can increase depression risk for both men and women.

Excessive daily TV at older age tied to poorer memory

Older people who want to preserve their faculties may wish to consider rationing their TV time. A large new study of older adults found that those who spent at least 3.5 hours per day watching TV experienced a greater decline in verbal memory.

Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India