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Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
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Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
What We Actually Do?


Why Medical Tourism Is Reasonable?

The availability of all the facilities and services at other destinations at a cheaper cost adds a factor of feasibility to Medical Tourism. However, the technological advancement at home and abroad have negligible difference and therefore, the patients residing elsewhere can easily get their treatment done at their own comforts .Maximum care is provided by these clinics and they make sure that the patients are in best of their health before they head towards their home. Medical Tourism has gained popularity in countries like Canada, USA, India are to name a few.

Visiting the Specialised Doctor Straightway?

Thus, one can forgo their apprehensions and fears and visit a doctor straight away. The best suitable solution to your problem will be given to you and will be sorted out only after a thorough examination of your health issues. Medical Tourism comes with many ethical and social issues of people. Ethically and socially, one ends up helping a third world country in need and at the same time, have less expenses. Before you leave for your home, ensure that all the government paperwork is complete and taken care of and the rest, Venus Medi Tour is there to serve you better.

Do you prepared the Quotation and stay in advance?

Our coordinators help prepare all possible options for your medical treatment, by suggesting the list of best hospitals suited for the treatment & estimated cost for the procedure as well as trip related arrangements. After the confirmation from your end about the budget and planning, we start organizing a series of direct communication with the treating doctor for clarification of detailed medical doubts. Obligo MediVoyage ensures complete confidentiality of your medical details.

Guidance at Your arrival at destination?

Once you arrive, one of our coordinators will happily greet and receive you, who will take you to your respective hospital or hotel. Since your entire itinerary has been laid out already, you have to worry about nothing in a strange city, whether it is about local transportations or accompanying during the treatment procedures. Leave everything on us.

Do you have Leisure trip arrangement?

After your Post operative regime is over you may take a recuperative holiday at some nice resort or if desirous and fit to travel, you could enjoy various destination of choice around the city. Coupling up the medical travel along with leisure / rejuvenation trip is an excellent idea to recover value for money you have already paid for travelling down to this destination. Ensure giving us the feedback of the treatment and our services before you leave in order to help improvise them further.

Do You Have follow up care?

By the time you finish your rejuvenation / leisure travel and ready to check out, you will be recovered and relaxed enough to return home and greet your family back there. But this is not the end of the association with us. We love to hear back from you about your safe journey as well as response of your family about the successful treatment. Also, we maintain coordination between treating doctor in destination country and patient at home country, for necessary follow ups and inquiries if you have any.

Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India