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Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
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Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
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Kidney Transplant Surgery in Chennai
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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

Human Kidney is a vital organ in purifying blood. What happens when your kidney fails or stop functioning? This could lead to a serious damage and eventually to death. So when kidney fails you will have only two options one is Kidney Transplant and other is Kidney Dialysis. The article on Kidney Transplant In India has intended to provide information about Kidney transplant Process, Donation, Operation or surgery, cost, Hospitals, Life expectancy..

When you receive a kidney transplant, a healthy kidney is placed in your body to do the work that your own kidneys cannot do anymore. On the positive side, there are fewer limits on what you can drink and eat, but you should follow a healthy diet. Your health should improve. In fact, a successful kidney transplant can allow you to live the kind of life you lived before having kidney disease. Studies show that people who have had a kidney transplant live longer than those who remain on dialysis.

When the kidneys stop functioning, kidney failure occurs. If this renal failure persists (chronically), this results in end-stage renal failure, accompanied by an accumulation of toxic waste in the body. In this case, transplantation or dialysis is necessary.

1) Serious anatomic problems of the urinary system
2) Polycystic kidney disease
3) Glomerulonephritis

The treatments for end-stage renal failure are hemodialysis, a mechanical method of cleaning blood from waste; peritoneal dialysis, in which waste is removed by passing chemical solutions through the abdominal cavity; and kidney transplantation.
However, while none of these treatments cure end-stage kidney disease, a transplant offers the closest thing to a normal life because the transplanted kidney can replace the failing kidneys. However, it also involves a lifetime addiction to drugs to keep the new kidney healthy. Some of these medications can have serious side effects.
Some kidney patients are considering a transplant after dialysis begins; others consider it before starting dialysis. In certain circumstances, dialysis patients who also have serious medical problems such as cancer or active infections may not be suitable candidates for a kidney transplant. KIDNEY DONATION
Kidneys for transplant come from two different sources: a living donor or a deceased donor.
THE LIVING DONOR Sometimes family members, including parents, a spouse, close friend, aunts, uncles, children (18 years and older), cousins, sisters, brothers may wish to donate a kidney. This person is called a “living donor”. The donor must be in excellent health, knowledgeable about the transplant and be able to give informed consent. Anyone in good health can give a kidney safely.

Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
Our Process we undertake Care


Cost Estimation

Cost and Guidelines to follow

Medical Evaluation

By Selected Surgeon

Arrival In India

Comfortable Stay and Food

Pre-Operative Consultation

with Specliased Surgeon


Surgery updates to the dependant

Recupriation and Recovery

After Surgery Care and Help

Dr. V Chandrasekaran

Senior Nephrologist - Transplant Immunology, Kidney transplantation,Hemodialysis,CRRT,Peritoneal dialysis.

Dr. V Chandrasekaran is a nephrologist empanelled at the Billroth Hospital in Chennai.

After his graduation he completed his MD in internal medicine after which he specialised in nephrology by obtaining his DNB and DM in nephrology. Dr. Chandrasekaran is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases the common treatment undertaken by him include kidney transplantation kidney stones nephrotic syndrome diabetes and kidney renal transplantation chronic renal failure urinary tract infection and kidney diseases.

Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India


Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India
Venus Medi Tour - Medical Tourism Company in Chennai, India